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What does this blog hope to achieve?

Most of us are on a mad rush through life, working hard at our jobs or business, trying to earn as much as we can, while we can. In the process, we tend to lose sight of a few basic but quite important points regarding our personal finances.

You see, no one teaches you about financial planning in school. There is no curriculum on tax planning, investing, saving or even career and life planning in schools that prepare you for life in the world outside school. The system has been outdated for a long time, and it is most likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. This puts the onus on us as individuals to understand the importance of finding the right sources of information, self learning and implementation of the newly learnt practical information in our lives and finances.

Think about it this way, you work so hard at your job. You grind your ass off during the 9-5 shift and put in your whole heart and soul (if you love your job) into it and spend around almost 60% of your life doing it. Interspersed between the work days, you have the weekends, the holidays and other breaks to unwind and relax. While you're in this routine, binge watching your way through Netflix for a break from the grind, your life goes by and before you know if, you're up for retirement.

So what have you done to safeguard your income? What steps have you taken to ensure that you can maintain the lifestyle that you have become so accustomed to while you had a regular paying job? Nothing? Then be prepared for a rude shock of having to downgrade your lifestyle several notches. Sounds tough? That's how life is my friend, no one else can help you rather than yourself.

How do I know what I am talking about? Well, I am reaching 35 years of age, haven't been able to achieve the dreams and financial goals I had for myself due to bad career choices, working during recession, going unpaid quite for long stretches of time, not being financially disciplined and many more similar things. I decided to start this blog at the time that I realized the dread that if I keep going this way, retirement is going to be painful. Once this realization dawned on me, I started taking more proactive steps to educate myself about finances. I now run on a budget (no compromises whatsoever), started educating myself about investment and saving opportunities and how to do basic tax planning.

I look forward to updating this blog on a regular basis with new knowledge that I learn each day, and you the readers of this blog will get to understand the concepts from the perspective of a person completely new to this game, without the confusing jargon related to the world of finance.

I hope this blog give you valuable information and helps put you on the path of financial discipline and freedom.

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a great day!

The Finance Noob
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